WARNING: This game contains mature language and situations such as drug references and should be played by mature players.

Down-Town Is  A Comedy RPG Adventure Set In Modern Open World City.

With no goal other then exploring the city and the buildings and people that live in it . 

Enjoy hilarious dialog and events in this interactive city split into North and South parts

.....You will quickly learn why it's such a "down" town!

Use the arrow keys and the enter key to play or use your mouse for "hyper-fast" gameplay! This game Is Mobile and Touch Screen Friendly! Just tap!

I call this "Down-Town: Classic" and release it under the "prototype" category because we are currently developing a game "based" off Down-Town: Classic. 

The goal of this game (Down-Town: Classic) was to create a open-world city full of interactive things, crazy and funny people to talk to, buildings to explore with comedic situations to fit the environment and make it as interactive and funny as possible however the only true goal was to be funny and while it does contain tons of different interactive elements we feel we could do so much more and so with that we are developing a new game "based" off this one with a story line, goals, content, ect and we hope to release that to you (for free) on here this summer.

We hope this game makes you laugh and entertains you.

We know if you liked this game you will love our next game based off this one. And if you don't like this game we hope you come back later this summer to give us another chance with our next game based off this one.

Either way thank you for playing our game!

SideNote: Due to some of Itch limitations that we are in the progress of working on lifted for us we have partly edited this game and you may encouter problems or "crashes" / a black screen displaying an error. If this happens PLEASE let us know.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorBlazed Apps
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tagscomedic, Comedy, down-town, Exploration, Funny, gta, hilarious, laugh, Open World
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

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